In the Green Economy sector our key services include: Handling, Separating, Shredding, Grinding, Crushing, Screening or Baling, Treating, Storing, Transporting and Disposing of both General and Hazardous waste. We also deal with the Establishment, Decommissioning and Rehabilitation of Waste Management Facilities.

Green Economy

We operate a fully Licensed and Accredited 4000 m² industrial waste management facility which provides storage and pre-processing of waste tyres.Currently operating from Upington but servicing all major tyre dealerships from the Namakwa, John Taolo Gaetsewe and ZF Mgcawu districts in the Northern Cape towns of:

    • Kathu
    • Postmasburg
    • Keimoes
    • Kakamas
    • Aggeneys
    • Springbok
    • Upington
    • Kuruman

We service a geographic area spanning approximately 84 000 km².

Our waste management facility is certified in the storage of general waste and holds a Waste Management License (WML) by the Northern Cape Department of Environment and Nature Conservation(DENC).

These waste tyres are diverted from Municipal landfill sites and being discarded in the open veld where they would be an environmental hazard to instead being transported to an accredited waste tyre management facility and then on to waste tyre processors for repurposing.


Company Milestones

Thebe-Ya-Setshaba Investment Holdings has to date had 3 (three) clean independent external audits conducted by the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (REDISA), Northern Cape Department of Environment and Nature Conservation (DENC). These audits were meant to assess our compliancy levels against 12 (twelve) key pieces of legislation, namely: National Norms and Standards; Waste Tyre Regulations; Occupational Health and Safety Act; Facilities Regulations; General Safety Regulations; General Administration Regulations; Noise Induced Hearing Loss Regulations; Asbestos Regulations; Municipal By-laws; Environmental Regulations for the Workplace, OHS Department of Labour (DoL) Requirements and National Environment Management: Waste Act.



Industry Accreditations